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The Unlikely Pairing of Yoga and Beer

Drink a six pack while working on your own six pack abs? Beer and yoga seem like an unlikely pair… but are they really so different at all?

Let’s see – they both help you relax, they both make you more attractive to other people (as long as you’re doing the yoga, and they’re drinking the beer), and they both have their so-called snobs.

yoga and beer

It’s really only been a matter of time before they paired up.

Beer yoga is all over Tampa.

Within the past year, Tampa Bay has exploded with new breweries, and yoga and beer nights seem to be a trend among them. It’s not just happening here either, events are popping up all over the country, and there are instagram accounts dedicated specifically to beer yoga.

Not only do the classes serve to introduce yogis to craft beer, but craft beer to yogis. During a typical brewery yoga class, you’ll find people who never thought they would do yoga alongside those who thought they might never step foot in a brewery. This means classes have a wider mix of people than your traditional yoga class – you’ll see more men, more body types, and more experience levels. You’ll find people who like yoga but are intimidated by practicing at a yoga studio. And among those, you’ll find loyal practitioners of yoga who are looking to lighten up their practice and add in a little fun.

Okay, but is that even healthy?

Surprisingly, beer does have some health benefits. As long as you’re not overindulging, that one after workout beer could actually be beneficial in more ways than one. Pushing caloric intake aside, most studies find that a post-workout beer doesn’t diminish the gains you’ve made during exercise, so long as that one beer doesn’t turn into 4 or 5.

Let’s push aside the fact that socializing and building relationships contributes to living a longer, more fulfilling life – something you’ll be doing by engaging in yoga and beer events. Beer in and of itself can lower the risk heart attacks in women, strengthen bones, and protect against diabetes.

…Not that you needed another excuse to imbibe or anything.

What about yoga? If you’re not a yogi, you may know that it’s “good” for you, but do you really know why? Physically, yoga will increase your flexibility, strength, and energy, protect you from injury during other activities, it may decrease back pain, and more. Another major benefit you’ll discover (that you might not see during other types of exercise) is what happens to you mentally and emotionally. You’ll see reduced reactions to stressors in your life, sleeping might be easier, you’ll feel more relaxed, and you’ll be able to concentrate longer and deeper.

Two yogis walk into a bar…

Like we mentioned, bringing yoga and beer together also brings a lot of different people into the same room. This gives you a great opportunity to socialize, even beyond what you might encounter at a brewery on a normal day. After a yoga session, everyone gathers together to have a beer. And when the yoga class is held at a brewery, you might even be able to bring that friend who usually refuses to join you. So bring your friend, your partner, or come single and meet some new friends who have some way cool interests.