Tampa Bay's Brewery Guide

Your Pokemon Go Guide to Tampa Bay Breweries

If you want a beer but you gotta catch ‘em all, we’re here to help.

By now you’ve surely seen people heads down wandering the town, playing Pokemon GO and we’re among them. But what’s a Trainer to do when you still want to get your drink on?

We’re not the only ones with drinking and Pokemon GO on the brain. There are already pub crawls around the world, including one here in Tampa Bay.

July 23rd, you can join a group at Vinoy Park as they make their way through downtown St. Pete, stopping at bars and catching Pokemon along the way. If you’re interested in joining, check out the Facebook event page.

Want to choose your own adventure? Here’s what we know about the breweries location as far as Pokestops and Gyms go so far. Are we missing any? Let us know.

Cycle Brewing has a Pokestop next door that you can access from Cycle, and there’s a Lure almost all of the time. Around the corner you can find a few Gyms.

Green Bench has a Gym next door, but it’s a little too far to access from the tasting room at Green Bench, depending on where you’re standing.

St. Pete Brewing Company is a Pokestop due to their tree mural outside.

Dunedin House of Beer is a Pokestop (and we hear that most of the Dunedin breweries are).

Coppertail is a Gym, and we hear it’s turning into quite a rivalry.

Cigar City Brewpub is a Gym.

Southern Brewing & Winemaking has a Pokestop.

Two Henrys Brewing proudly shared that they are a Pokestop!

Tampa Beer Works is a Pokestop.

Good luck!