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Here’s what we learned on a kickass brewery limo tour

Last week, Tampa Brew Tours treated The Brewery Bay crew to one of our best tours yet — in a limo. This isn’t just any limo, though. It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect a fancy limo to have: color-changing lights, loud speakers and dark tinted windows that keep the heat and haters at bay. They really know how to party. Oh — and you can drink in the limo. It’s totally legal.

These limo tours are perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, nights out, bachelor / bachelorette parties and of course — casual evenings with coworkers. By “casual” I mean one of our coworkers may or may not have ditched work the next day. It happens.

Many of us have not been to every single brewery in the Tampa Bay area because as we all know, there are a lot of them! This was an exciting opportunity for all of us to check out some new scenes.

As we all piled into the Chrysler 300 stretched limo — beers in hand — we cranked up the music and made our way to Rapp.

1. Try everything at Rapp

Rapp Brewing Company is a small little joint situated in the heart of Pinellas County. A few of us had never been to Rapp before (including myself), so I sprung for the first thing that caught my eye — the Chocolate Hazelnut Porter.

I’m not much of a dark beer fan, but I am a chocolate fan. I speak for the whole crew when I say it was spectacular — along with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout. Your best bet is to get a flight at Rapp — they have options for up to nine different combinations of beers. Try everything. They have around 20 different rotating styles of beer on tap so there’s plenty for anyone and everyone.

While there, we were able to squeeze in a quick tour to see where the magic happens. We loved to see the “upcoming” list and noticed they were making their Smoked Maple Barleywine again. We got to chat with the brewer about that while he was prepping the next batch.

When you get hungry, there are food trucks situated right outside the brewery most nights. If there are any cancellations for unforeseen circumstances, the owner Greg Rapp usually grills out so you’ll never go hungry.

2. There’s a beer for everyone at Pair O’Dice

The tap room at Pair O’Dice was full of interesting artwork and enough orange to associate it with the brand. The ladies loved the Lucky Lucy Strawberry Blonde, and the dudes went for the Oak Cherry Cocoa Stout, Chili Little Joe and Rauchbier.

With a big group like ours, we’ve all got different palletes and like different things. We were pretty impressed with their range of styles and choices.

This is definitely a place to bring your friends from out of town. If you’ve got the kids with you, keep them (and yourself) entertained on the back patio with games of cornhole and darts. There are picnic tables out there to accomodate parties of any size.

3. Barley Mow is ideal for an adventurous first date.

Our third and final stop brought us to Barley Mow. This brewery was noticeably smaller than the others (maybe it was just the lighting?), but step right outside if you’re claustrophobic and grab a pizza on the patio decorated with lights and rustic tables.

It’s a perfect little spot for a first date because it’s cozy, has dim lighting and exuberates romance. If you’re looking for a beer outside the spectrum of classic lagers and pale ales, this place is for you. With selections like Chocolate Jalapeno Porter and The Company made with mangos and coconut, your experience at Barley Mow is going to be different from any other brewery.

We all opted for different selections and I’m pretty sure we saw flames coming out of Daryn’s mouth from the Chocolate Jalepeno Porter. Be warned.

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