Tampa Bay's Brewery Guide

Brewery Added: Late Start Brewery

The beer community continues to grow! The newest brewery on our radar is Late Start Brewery – who will be serving at festivals and events exclusively until they open.

They do not currently have a target date to open their doors and the location is still up in the air – although they have looked at many locations around the downtown Tampa, Ybor, Tampa and Seminole heights area.

Their team consists of Jordan Copher, currently brewing at CCB, Nick Streeter, also currently brewer at CCB, and Tyler Sankey, former CCB employee and currently working in production facility at Coppertail Brewing.

What can we expect?

They don’t currently have a catchy slogan or decisive montra and may never have one. They do not plan on picking a theme for the brewery to abide by or core beers that allow sales to dictate their creativity.

Ultimately, Late Start will be a creative outlet for their team and they plan on constantly evolving along with the craft scene and peoples palates. At the moment, they specialize in Florida Weisse beers. They are mainly focused on brewing beers that they like to drink – which is a very broad spectrum.

They plan on pouring at as many festivals and events that they can make it to this year. They also plan on another massive tap takeover in the fall.

Strategy for success

They are currently working on a business plan and finding funding to start a 1.5 barrel system much like Rapp Brewing here in town, selling everything then can out of a comfortable tasting room. They will then expand to a 7bbl system and likely stay there for a while. Freshness is extremely important to beer quality and big batch beers often hinder freshness.

They believe that liquid is the ultimate medium for flavor, and beer is the most diverse liquid to portray these flavors. They are not here to make claims that their beer is superior or that we are reinventing styles, that they are changing the craft scene or that they are discovering uncharted territory by opening a brewery. They want the consumers to make those claims, not them.

They have served at great events around Tampa including Hunahpu’s Day 2014, all recent Cajun Cafe fests, Berliner Bash, Loko Cuisine events, IronMan Florida race, JDub’s anniversary, and their biggest event to date was March 10 Coppertail tap takeover featuring 13 Late Start brews.

Stay tuned for more information to come!