Tampa Bay's Brewery Guide

Brewery Added: Brew Bus Brewing

The Tampa Bay Brew Bus has been given tours to local breweries, serving great local beer on the bus, for quite a while now. Starting in 2012, they founded Brew Bus Brewing.

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Currently with 4 original brews on their line up, they have something for everyone:

  • “Are Wheat There Yet?” – Wheat Ale
  • Rollin Dirty – Red Ale
  • Last Stop IPA – India Pale Ale
  • You’re My Boy, Blue – Blueberry Wheat Ale

The beers are contracted out to Cigar City, and as such, their physical location is one and the same as the pretty infamousĀ Cigar City Brewery on Spruce Street. Every time I visit CCB they usually have at least one or two Brew Bus beers on tap, so there’s definitely something to try of theirs when you visit.