Tampa Bay's Brewery Guide

Breweries Added: Tangent Brewing, Gringo Cerveza, Pinellas Ale Works

Wow, it seems like every day we’re finding new breweries in development to add to Brewery Bay. That’s just great news for the local economy, as well as – and more importantly – the local craft beer fans.

An interesting trend, I’ve noticed, is some breweries are being created with the sole intention of hitting niche markets which focus on particular styles of beers. In my opinion, this is great because it’ll diversify the beers and give us a much wider selection than most breweries that open with the standard 4 (wheat, IPA, stout/porter, and pale ale, typically). However, it does make their tasting rooms a difficult thing to maintain as people who don’t prefer these particular style of beers won’t necessarily come back, or even visit in the first place.

That said, I’ll definitely be checking them out as soon as they open and frequenting them for changes.

Tangent Brewing Company – Announced on April 9th, with an opening planned around Spring 2015 in Safety Harbor, they are a 100% Brettanomyces and sour ale brewery. Not much information is to be found on this one, yet, unfortunately. They say they’ll be at festivals later this year, though.

Gringo Cerveza – Three friends in Tarpon Springs have come together to create solid Mexican-influenced brews, begining with their S.O.B. Lime (pronounced sublime) brew, full name “South of the Border Lime Cerveza”

Pinellas Ale Works – With a goal that definitely involves distribution to a wide variety of people, expect high quality, consistent brews of a diversity of styles. This brewery is getting it’s start down in St Petersburg, opening in the Grand Central District.

I’m particularly interested in the Tangent Brewing Company. If there is a true niche market with brews, it’s definitely the sour style. It’s rare to find a decent selection of sours at any brewery, bar or restaurant.

We’re definitely looking forward to these opening up! Stay tuned for more details to come.