Tampa Bay's Brewery Guide

The Best Beers in Tampa Bay

With the abundance of top-quality breweries in the Tampa Bay area, it can be overwhelming to decide what to try next. Fortunately, our community at The Brewery Bay is the perfect place to go to when you need help finding your next favorite beer.

We reached out to our Facebook followers and asked, “What’s your favorite beer (or beers, we get it can be hard to choose) in The Brewery Bay?”

Here are the beers that came out on top, with at least 2 mentions:

Cycle Brewing Cream and Sugar Please
Coppertail Brewing Co. Free Dive
Cigar City White Oak Jai Alai
Cycle Brewing Crank
Cigar City Jai Alai
Angry Chair Brewing The Awakening
Hidden Springs Ale Works Deja Moo Milk Stout
Rapp Brewing Company Gose
7venth Sun Brewery Public Love Mango Key Lime Pie Wheat
7venth Sun Brewery Graffiti Orange
Tampa Bay Brewing Company Reef Donkey

Now let’s take a look at what you said:

“Cycle Brewing Cream and Sugar Please.”
– Jeremy Wenninghoff

“The Partridge in a Plum Tree collaboration between St. Pete Brewing and Sea Dog was delightful! But it seems it was only available during the holidays last year.”
– Cory Yurewitch

“Cycle Brewing Crank because it’s amazing.”
– John Cattell

“White Oak Jai Alai. It is my absolute #1 beer out there. It is very limited release anyway, but especially where I live, a little over an hour south of Tampa. We have one really good store for beer here, and my wife, Heather Hill, picked me up the last 4 pack they had today. Can’t wait to enjoy one tonight!!”
– Andy Hill

“Cycle hits home run after home run, but for offerings in the stores that I can get on the regular, it’s hard to beat Jai Alai, Free Dive & Reef Donkey.”
– Joel Bigham

“Rapp Brewing Company makes a Smoked Maple Barleywine that is absolutely divine. Another MUST HAVE for me is the 44 Magnum from Lagerhaus Brewery & Grill.”
– Chris Lagasse

“Cycle Cream & Sugar Please!”
– Andi Kuhn Graham

“Graffiti Orange from 7venth Sun Brewery. It’s got tons of flavor but it isn’t too heavy so it’s easy to drink. Plus I love orange in my beer.”
– Bo Everett

“The apricot wheat from Dunedin Brewery! So good!”
– Lauren Keith

“Rapp Brewing Company’s Lichtenhainer. Every sour, stout and porter at 7venth Sun Brewing.”
– Jagon Mawor

“Barley Mow Brewing Quckalope is my favorite Tampa IPA and Americana Golden Ale goes well with Tampa sun and fun….the perfect beach beer!! The brewery is always providing a large rotating list of Barley Mow standards and seasonals.”
– Alfonso Vargas

“Angry Chair Brewing ‘s The Awakening”
– Julio Ramos

“Hidden Springs is doing awesome things. Can’t get enough Deja Moo milk stout, but their whole lineup is great”
– John Meyer

“Scottish Wee Heavy. Rapp. Brewery”
– Jeff Ardle

“Seasonal…..Green Benches, Colliding Galaxies!”
– Lynne Troup

“Six Ten Horchata Shout makes me smile.”
– Timothy Reed

“Key lime pie wheat 7th Sun, delicious! Hope they make it again soon!”
– Amy Stalnaker

“Cycle Crank & Cycle Fixie. They are the juiciest, freshest & tastiest IPA’s in the bay!”
– Kristy Wasniewski

“Rapp Brewing’s Gose is Gatorade for grown ups. So delicious. Cycle Brewing Cream and Sugar Stout is purely amazing and I don’t even like coffee!”
– Travis Wilson

“I love Cycle. But, my favorite is freedive from coppertail”
– Adam Webb

“Hidden Springs Deja Moo, 7venth Sun Public Love & Rapp’s Choc Hazelnut!”
– Stacy Zweighaft

“Florida Poster Girls by Green Bench Brewing because their bottles are all good but this one is serious! Also, Free Dive by Coppertail…because it’s damn good.”
– Branden Edward

“White oak Jai Alai tops my list of absolutes. I cannot get enough of that beauty! Free Dive and Hoppuccino tie for a very close second!”
– Ashley Alewine

“Jai Alai, always and forever. But, a close second that I’ve really been into lately is Coppertail’s Free Dive.”
– Billy Gee

“My go to is St Pete Brew Grateful Stout. Also the Cycle Cream and Sugar Porter is dope too.”
– Philip Murphy

“Peanut butter stout from Big Top.”
– Shawn Brown

“Time Bomb from 7venth Sun. It’s a tonic for the body and mind.”
– Lance Lambert

“Florida Avenue has the absolute best Blueberry beer. Hands down.”
– Stephanie Lina

“Angry Chair The Awakening, Hidden Springs Ginger Mullet, 610 CBGB, COppertail Whoops, Darwin Llama Mama, Tampa Bay Brewing Reef Donkey and Brew Bus Brewing You’re My Boy Blue.”
– David Arndt 

“Stilt House English Brown, 7th Sun Graffiti, Escape French Saison, Cycle Cream and Sugar Please, Rapp Gose”
– Amanda Dawn Marks

Here’s the full list of our community suggestions.

7venth Sun Brewery Graffiti Orange
7venth Sun Brewery Public Love Mango Key Lime Pie Wheat
7venth Sun Brewery Time Bomb
Angry Chair Brewing The Awakening
Barley Mow Brewing Company Quckalope
Barley Mow Brewing Company Americana Golden Ale
Big Top Brewing Company Peanut Butter Stout
Brew Bus Brewing You’re My Boy Blue
Cigar City Jai Alai
Cigar City White Oak Jai Alai
Cycle Brewing Cream and Sugar Please
Cycle Brewing Crank
Cycle Brewing Fixie
Coppertail Brewing Co. Free Dive
Coppertail Brewing Co. Hoppuccino
Coppertail Brewing Co. Whoops
Darwin Brewing Company Llama Mama Milk Stout
Dunedin Brewery Apricot Wheat
Escape Brewing Company French Saison
Florida Avenue Brewing Co. Blueberry
Green Bench Brewing Co. Colliding Galaxies Sour IPA
Green Bench Brewing Co. Florida Poster Girls
Hidden Springs Ale Works Deja Moo Milk Stout
Hidden Springs Ale Works Ginger Mullet
Lagerhaus Brewery & Grill 44 Magnum
Six Ten Brewing Horchata Spiced Stout
Six Ten Brewing CBGB
St. Pete Brewing Co. The Partridge in a Plum Tree (collab with Sea Dog)
St. Pete Brewing Co. Grateful Stout
Stilt House Brewery English Brown
Tampa Bay Brewing Company Reef Donkey
Rapp Brewing Company Smoked Maple Barleywine
Rapp Brewing Company Lichtenhainer
Rapp Brewing Company Wee Heavy Scotch Ale
Rapp Brewing Company Gose
Rapp Brewing Company Chocolate Hazelnut Porter

Use our map and list of breweries to find your beer. Happy drinking!